I work with site specific video and sound installations that include sculptural elements. My synthetic spaces examine tangible and intangible structures of authority and its manifestations in a built environment. The final pieces gesture to how intangible spaces within us – such as memory, knowledge and perception of time – are controlled and regimented.

My approach to materials is deeply rooted in equalizing, underlining the symbiosis between space, sound, viewer’s motion, light and the moving image. Using vibrations to create sound compositions within sculptural and projection mapped video and 3D animated space, the components of my site specific works continuously interconnect with architecture and each other. Suspending their materiality they serve multiple purposes and do not exist as singular objects yet as multi-sensory entities in a synesthetic space. These immersive video and sound installations underline the connections between things we experience and experiences we create for others: the micro and macro simultaneity of violence expressed via built space and architecture.