Online GIF collage

In Between Theories, 2018

InbetweenTheories is pleased to welcome Luba Drozd with a new digital artwork commissioned for the project’s website. Inspired by the longcat meme that flourished on the online forums and discussion boards of the early 2000s, LONGCAT repurposes the very body of that meme and infuses it with political content. Drozd makes visible in LONGCAT the current deeply divisive moment in American politics with all of its strategies of avoidance, overkill and misinformation.

Riffing on the how the digital debris of online eras, too recently past to be historical, continue to influence our personal and political present. LONGCAT explores how the virtual becomes tangible and the tangible can become tools for the exercise and abuse of power.

See this new work of digital art here:

Listen to Luba Drozd in conversation about the work here: