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A Continuous Stream of Occurence

Knockdown Center is pleased to present A Continuous Stream of Occurrence, an exhibition that brings together the work of Luba Drozd and William Lamson, curated by XP, the curatorial signature of Xavier Acarín and Park Myers. Titled after a 1919 lecture of mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead, who argued that nature and reality consist of processes rather than material objects, this exhibition explores how time manifests in natural and physical phenomena.

The exhibition features site-specific, time-based works that modify Knockdown Center’s gallery space into an uncertain laboratory, where architecture, light, piano cords, copper, salts, and glass create an environment that demonstrates how time is materially constructed. By focusing on sound and vibration, as well as crystallization and geological transformation, this installation encourages visitors to experience reality as a network of constantly evolving sensory systems, a key concept of ecological thinking.

Drozd’s sound installation, Franconia Notch, materializes vibration and creates a dialogue with the historical industrial architecture of Knockdown Center. Using metal, glass, piano cords, and cinematic props, her installation creates an evolving atmosphere that is at times captivating and eerie.

Lamson’s Badwater is part of a larger project, where the artist sets material parameters for a microclimate to emerge. Components including humidifiers, pumps, minerals, and glass form a complex adaptive system, made of different entities that are continuously interacting and adapting to their own behavior. Visitors walking into this sprawling and unpredictable installation become enveloped in this active and generative ecosystem. The works of Drozd and Lamson bring forward questions related to the sequencing of events, the interaction of materials, and the organization of environments. Both artists bridge art, history, and science to address the ways systems influence creativity. The works create an immersive atmosphere that turns the exhibition into a test site, in which the viewer can experience the formation of a new ecology.

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