Site specific video and sound installation

Virginia center for the creative arts, 2018

This site specific video and audio installation plays with ideas of what is virtual, what is real and potentialities of motion and placement of objects. The piece is guided by the idea that inherent frequencies of objects can become destructive if matched with an outside frequency. The environment becomes a cosmos of ever-changing states of matter.

Piano strings are stretched between walls and ceiling. The glass elements held by tension of the piano strings only -- an exertion of force, modulate the pitch of vibrating piano strings. Position of glass and acoustic properties of architecture shift tones creating melodic drone sound. Amplified by the architecture of the space they create an analogue sound composition. Projected throughout the space are simulated shadows of objects not in the installation, indiscernible from the real shadows. Playing with these present and potential energies of objects and structures I suspend the singular possibilities of being.