Site specific video and sound installation

UIma, 2017-2018

Solipsism examines our trust in the knowledge we receive from outside, the belief in things we don’t experience yet are convinced exist -- from scientific entities such as the Hubble telescope, which produces imagery as evidence of its existence, to esoteric objects and tricks of perception such as the "Pepper's Ghost" illusion technique of portraying ghosts via the use of refraction of projected light. The tangible and virtual flow one into another as is concrete knowledge and its extension: the assumption and probability. The piano strings stretched in space create shapes both tangible and virtual with their own materiality and the shadow they produce. The strings vibrate via tiny motors producing hum on the edge of perception and turning the walls into resonant objects. Listening to the walls expands the space beyond the sight and touch, unfolding an unseen and endless world. 3D animated shadow of the Hubble Telescope traverses the space appearing large on wall, from vellum to vellum and to the opposite wall only to fly off into the distance.