Site specific video installation with audio

bric Media arts fellowship, 2015

The title "The Tyranny of Distance" refers to the inability of US drones to execute full-time surveillance, named such by the Pentagon Task Force on Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance. This work is about various levels of proximity and opacities of surveillance and the drone program facilitated by the U.S government on foreign soil.

The audio is a 50 hz tone: frequency of the power grid. The first screen is a two way mirror, which reflects and projects video ad infinitum. The video is a recording of the last moments of a flea’s life, filmed through a microscope. The next 2 screens are floor to ceiling and made from heavyweight vellum. They break up the video projections from two projectors, which land onto screens, walls and columns to further fracture space.

The projections are 3D animations of a predator drone. The drone appears to fly toward the center of the space from one wall and come out, leaving the opposite wall, flying into distance. The last 2 screens are constructed from translucent acetate film. The acetate film refracts and bends the video projections that pass through it to reach the vellum screens and architecture of the space. The refractions of the video projections move and vibrate with slightest proximity of the viewer.