Site specific video and sound installation

Lubov Gallery, 2017

This installation was inspired by an event after the Trinity Nuclear test in 1945. The dust from the test landed in the and carried thousand miles east. Water used by a paper mill that manufactured strawdboard for packing industrial xray film. The developed film contained splotches and stars from radiation exposure.

This striated removal of power authorities from the result, that transcends material, the seemingly invisible cause and effect runs through my work. I created and animated 3D models from documentation of nuclear tests. The animation alternates with a video of a claustrophobic white cube.The virtual nuclear cloud was 3D printed in ceramic, glazed white and positioned on a window sill: the viewer can see the animation of the same model projected outside. Four piano strings vibrate via arduino controlled micro motors. This analogue site specific sound composition created by vibrating piano strings is amplified by architecture and reverberates throughout the space. Alongside piano strings vertically suspended vellum and acetate screens fracture and create new part tangible part virtual shapes with their physicality and shadows